Now it’s Zombies

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I have never seen such an interest in decaying, flesh eating Zombies. There are training camps teaching Zombie combat. You can learn how to prepare and defend yourself against a Zombie apocalypse. Ever since the naked man ate the homeless mans face on the freeway there seems to be an epidemic of people being brought back to life as mindless roving killers. Humans have always needed something to fight against and it seems the more weird the better. I haven’t personally seen any Zombies, but I do wear glasses. In the research I have done, which is very minimal, my advice is to stay away from cemeteries or any other place that has an abundance of dead people.

As christians we all have some type of mindless action or activity we engaged in and usually it takes its toll on us until we stop doing it. I don’t believe we have turned into Zombies but we do have similar characteristics. There will be an apocalypse in the end times. Christians will be brought back to life, but there will be no flesh eating. As far as the cemetery is concerned the dead in Christ will rise first, so there will be a lot of action around the cemetery.
Well what’s the point! Zombies are fictional creations. Christians are real!

Warning! If you find yourself walking around aimlessly and your skin smells really bad and pieces of flesh are falling off your body, run because trained Zombie killers are every where.
Thanks for reading, Jay


The Parent I want to be

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This title has a second part to it. I believe if we were all honest we would say its not my fault, if my child would just listen everything would be great. Unfortunantly they don’t and often it is accompanied by yelling and words of a selective nature. I remember holding our first child, eating and sleeping that is all he did. Then I can remember our first encounter as a parent and teenager. I thought how did a sweet little boy grow into this; Am I really that bad of a parent. Of course the answer is no, those parents that are trying to raise good children are not bad,but we certainly have made some mistakes. One thing we need to know is our mistakes don’t send our teens down a path of no return. In most cases it is disobedience and rebellion to the guidence we are trying to give them that causes them to spiral out of control. Here are some things we should ponder during these dark days: First, keep the lines of communication open. Insist that you set down and talk, not on a cell phone or texting but at home on the couch. This may require you sticking to your guns until you make it happen, but in the long run it will be worth it. Next, don’t give up on your values or standards and be sure this is the area were the attack will come the strongest. Finally, remember your teen is not bad just misguided and searching for direction in life other than from the parents. If it is any consolation there is coming a day when they will ask for your wisdom and cherish it, just not right now. Stand strong it will be worth it!

Parenting Teens; “Understanding Teen Development”

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I had been saving that coke for in the morning, who took it. It is alright I know you where thirsty, just forget it. These two sentences are typically of the extreme emotions youth go through. As parents we want to ask which person are you today. Rebellion occurs to some extent in all youth. To make things worse our teen doesn’t believe we know anything. We need to pick our battles carefully and not create an atmosphere of, I am the parent I am right and that is it. This will only cause our teen to argue more or shut down communication all together while doing what they want without our knowledge. There are some nonnegotiable like their safety and where they are. Even though teens will not say it this makes them feel secure. So in the long run the battle will be worth it. One standing rule at our house is, if you go somewhere and leave that place you must call and let us know where you are going. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “You don’t trust me”. For us this never was a trust issue but a safety issue, we knew at all times where everyone was and if needed could get to them rather quickly. By the way I call home as well, makes it a little easier to enforce. Even God knows where his children are all times, so He can care for us when we are in need or trouble. One other issue is make every possible effort to attend ever activity your teen is involved in, this speaks very loudly about how much you care about them. I know sometimes it is hard, so when my wife and I couldn’t attend a function we sat down at home and watched the event with them on video. This is a hard road to travel, but it is more than worth it.

Parenting Teens

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These are the days when the rubber meets the road, (that’s what my dad said). When we as teens were pushing our parents to the limits it never crossed our minds that one day another teen would push us to the same limit. We heard our parents pronounce the curse but never thought it would come true, well the day has arrived for many of us. So what now? First let me give you some insight into the teens of today. It is true they are different than we were. We were raised with cord resticted phones inside the confines of our homes and computers were just coming on the horizon when we were teens. Along with these changes our youth are afforded a large amount of descretionary income.  If a teen wants anything it is possible to obtain it within a realtive short time. On the world wide web a teen can get  any type of information they want, the possibilities are limitless. Just a couple of things to think about with this lifestyle our teens are living. First, educate yourself, learn to text and search the web, and use facebook but remember you are a parent not a peer. Second, get a handle on how much money your teen has access to. Third, don’t be afraid to check up on your teen. God has entrusted you with a very precious treasure and we need to guard them and guide them the best we can. Therefore it is crucial we have a stable walk with God.

Coming Soon!

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The first week of the new year i will be sharing info on Parenting Teens. Come Visit it will help you. If you have questions please leave and i will respond to them in a timely fashion.


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The summer is right around the corner. The events have been set and you are invited. Do you remember camp last year? Share the best part about camp.

Fundraiser for youth

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Youth don’t forget to sell your briskets this weekend, not much time left